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Employee Assistance Program

In order to ensure a good working, healthy, and safe environment for employees as they deliver excellent services, assistance and support is sometimes necessary. Maine Behavioral Health Organization recognizes the importance of taking care of employees first.

Maine Behavioral Health Organizationís Employee Assistance Program is designed to assist employees with family, legal, financial, mental health, and alcohol/drug-related problems that may affect their ability to perform their job duties and affects their well-being. Maine Behavioral Health Organizationís worksite-based programs offer assessment, referral, and training activities. Our program also offers services such as prevention, education, and health promotion. The primary goal of the program is to maintain an employeeís ability to be fully productive by offering a wide range of services, including early intervention and prevention.

Maine Behavioral Health Organizationís Employee Assistance Program is developed in consideration of the organizationís mission and services offered to others. The program may be conducted both internally and externally, contingent upon the individual situation and advisory committee recommendations.

Maine Behavioral health Organizationís Employee Assistance Program is delivered via a specific plan (known as the Employee Assistance Program Plan or EAPP). Maine Behavioral Health Organization provides Employee Assistance Program services in the form of counseling, co-occurring counseling, and case management. When employees require specific services not offered by Maine Behavioral Health Organization, we will make the appropriate referrals. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about our program.

For more information please contact:

Jason White, MS, Chief Executive Officer
Maine Behavioral Health Organization
49 Oak Street
Augusta, Maine 04330
(207) 542-4301

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